Traditional Whiskey Copper Alembic Stills

Whisk(e)y fans are invited to savour the fruit of their own labour with our range of whiskey stills dedicated to this age-old tradition. Our Copper Whiskey Stills are suitable for all distilled spirits but especially corn whiskies, grain whiskies and sour mash whiskies! Based on the same design principles as many Scotch whisky and Bourbon whiskey stills, namely The Famouse Grouse, Glengoyne, Old Pulteney, Glenmorangie, Glendronach and Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve. Our whiskey still design is a close replica of the stills once commonly used in Scottish homes until the late 18th Century before prohibition. At that time many households had one of these for domestic use. The characteristic features of this Traditional Whiskey Still are the onion head or boil ball, the long conical column and slightly downwardly inclined Lyne arm. The boil ball and column allows some of the vapour to run back as reflux, thus strengthening and purifying the spirit. Our 16L whiskey still is machine pressed and then finished by hand. All our other Copper Whiskey Stills are completely handcrafted. The use of Copper in the Whiskey industry: Only Copper Stills are ever used in making Premium Scotch and Bourbon Whiskies. Copper plays an essential role in Scotch Whisky making, it adds character and sweetens the distillate whereas stainless steel distillates are often flat and insipid. Furthermore, Copper removes sulphur compounds present in the wash from the grains that would otherwise pass over to the distillate. There is no other craft still on the market that matches our whiskey still for authenticity!

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