Certified Al-Ambiq® Products

How do you recognise genuine Al-Ambiq products and distinguish them from similar products on offer in the market?

Genuine Al-Ambiq® products are available from official Al-Ambiq® distributors and retailers and carry the distinctive Al-Ambiq® trademark.


We have looked for and hand picked only the top craftsmen in the trade to craft our alembics, these artisans truly take pride in their work. Our copper alembic stills are lovingly crafted by hand following old traditional practices and using only the best all natural food grade materials. Thicker gauge copper is used to guard against cracks that may develop in thin copper sheeting ensuring durability and even heat distribution. We pay attention to the smallest detail and each individual piece of art is a practical work of art that would not be out of place on your mantelpiece at home. Other details include brass compression locks between the swan neck and condenser coil to ensure a complete watertight seal..

All our products have to fulfill with our rigorous quality checks before they can be certified as genuine Al-Ambiq® products. When buying Al-Ambiq® products you are assured peace of mind and avoid the health risks associated to with inferior quality materials that may contain heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. For one thing we guarantee that all our alembic stills are manufactured using lead-free solder, as you may know lead poisoning is associated with brain damage and severe neurological problems, see our technical data.

We can confidently and honestly state that we have taken all precautions to ensure that our products are harmless and perfectly suitable for the distillation of spirit beverages and food grade essential oils.

We have taken care to keep our good name and ensure that our distinctive trademark is recognised as being synonym of high quality and craftsmanship. Our confidence in our products is such that we offer a 2 year guarantee against defects.

This is the identifying Al-Ambiq® plaque::

Because of their reduced size some of our decorative units may have a tag identifying them as Al-Ambiq® originals.

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