Long time ago before the machinery invaded our lives it was up to local craftsmen to attend to the immediate needs of society. Man lived side by side with Mother Nature in peaceful coexistence. Nature provided the raw materials and man transformed them. The Industrial Revolution threw this relationship off balance and habits changed as synthetic materials substituted those found in nature. Nevertheless, in many corners of this country the ancient skills and knowledge of our ancestral forebears has not been lost and our craftsmen the living proof of this tradition.

There is a family environment at the workshop. Everyone is of generous spirit and fully concentrated in the task at hand with maximum effort and dedication. The able calloused hands guard the secrets of the solder, know by heart every twist and turn on the anvil and transform, as if by magic, the best that nature has to offer into authentic functional pieces of art.

The factory was founded in 1837 and has been operating ever since. This art and know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. To keep up with more modern times traditional techniques have at times been modified and new alembic models have been presented. Presently we have a wide and varied clientele who have placed their confidence in our traditional alembics.

…vestiges of a tradition that time did not erase

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