Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Perfume, history of a murdererOur company had the honour of being chosen to design the stills used in the movie “Perfume”, an adaptation of the popular classic by Patrick Suskind. All products designed for the film were carefully selected and manufactured. Its construction was preceded by an exhaustive search to determine which distillation systems were used at the time.Perfume the movieThe result of a lengthy investigation and painstaking work, authentic artefacts were born, faithful replicas of the distilling equipment that was then used. The riveted union stills were designed with a larger drain pipe and a belt around the rivets and the condenser was not equipped with condensing recipient. At that time the condenser consisted of a serpentine coil supported by a wooden frame in which stones were placed inside, so that when the water came into contact with the stones, they would cool the vapours.

The scenarios in this film are a faithful portrait of Paris in the eighteenth century, perfectly reconstructing the social drama then lived by the lower classes plunged into extreme poverty, in contrast to the sumptuous life of the nobility and the bourgeoisie, the mentalities of Parisian society and one of the most fascinating crafts of the time, the job of a perfumer.Perfume, a história de um assassino

The master perfumer’s shop where Grenouille works, the main character in the film, exudes a plethora of flavours and a peculiar light afforded by the charm of our stills. The stills were then very much in vogue. The liquors, perfumes, creams, scented ribbons and delicate essences sold everywhere. The master perfumers invented fragrances that were the delight of the wealthier classes. The stills were precious objects of worship that provided small joys of a society marked by drama.

Perfume, a história de um assassino

  • From the Novel “Perfume” from Patrick Suskind

  • Directed by Tom Tykwer

  • Produced by Bernd Eichinger

  • Screenplay by Andrew Birkin, Bernd Eichinger, Tom Tykwer

  • Narrated por John Hurt

  • Starring: Ben Whishaw, Alan Rickman, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Dustin Hoffman

  • Music Tom Tykwer

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