Bain Marie Copper Alembic Stills

The Bain Marie alembic has a water bath incorporated into its design and was especially conceived for the distillation of high quality essential oils, herb infusions, fruit brandies and schnapps. Fruit mashes have a tendency to burn when subjected to direct heat due to the high surface temperatures and the resultant distillates may have a bitter or burnt aftertaste. With the Bain Marie Alembic heat transfer takes place through the hot water in the outer chamber of the still, in this way the temperature in the inner chamber remains uniform and never exceeds 100º Celsius, which is ideal for the distillation of fruit mashes and herbs. The same principles that applied to the distillation of alcoholic spirits may be used for the distillation of essential oils. These systems may operate at a slower rate but the benefits are improved quality and rectification of the distillate.

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