Photos – Stainless Steel Vat

These products are made of stainless steel type AISI 304 ( the most common grade; the classical 18/8 of stainless steel, also named “A2” in conformity with the standard  ISO 3506 [6]) and the type AISI 316 (the second most common, after the 304).

Stainless steel is a material free from toxins: it doesn’t liberate residuals into liquids and has high resistance degree towards corrosion.

With a stock capacity from 1 L (where you can find products for domestic usage with different shapes – barrels, vats, tanks or even cisterns truck shaped), to industrial sizes (that can be used not only in a personal but also professional way as for example in distilleries), these stainless steel products have the particularity of stocking any type of liquid with a maximum guarantee of preservation once that they resist to the most extreme temperatures.

Other advantages of the stainless steel recipients are their flat surface that block the penetration of dirtiness or microorganisms, originators of a high number of diseases acquired through the ingestion of food contaminated during the production and distribution processes and their cleaning and disinfection easiness.
Concerning the growing demand evolution of stainless steel materials through last years, our products present themselves as synonyms of quality and guarantee from their welding to their finishing, becoming a very pleasant product for those who bought them.

In order to keep your stainless steel products in good conditions you shall bear in mind that you mustn’t clean them with abrasive utensils (such as sponges) nor let them in direct contact with rust. You can clean them with soft sponges or cloths and neutral detergents or just water, never with acids (hydrochloric or sulphur) unless you are handling with AISI 316 steel (that bares better the action of the acids).

When proceeding to the cleaning you shall do it always in the same direction as the original polishing.

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