Several Al-Ambiq resources to use in the construction or promotion of your website. We have available photographs, various texts, logo in various sizes and pamphlets directed to clients.


Logo 950X950 PNG

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Logo 950X950

Logo 950X950

Logo 950X950

  • Customer Leaflet (pdf, 5.4 MB)

    This is the leaflet we send to each of our customers. It contains the safety indications, a small user guide and the liability terms. Every retailer, distributor and drop shipper should give one to his or her customers. This is only a guideline; you are free to use your own leaflet. If you choose to use our leaflet, remove every reference to “Distilarias Eau-de-Vie” and insert your company name and logo. However, every reference to Al-Ambiq® must remain on the leaflet.

  • Leaflet_Al-Ambiq® (zip, 13.2 MB)

    This leaflet contains our top sale products, some of our Professional equipments, a Orange liqueur recipe and a small text on the story of the group Al-Ambiq®. This leaflet can be useful to distribute on expositions or to send along orders. If you wish to use this document, remove any references to Iberian Coppers, S.A. (name, address and contact) and replace it by your company’s name and data. The document is an A4 paper sheet folded in 3. Note: All references to Al-Ambiq® must remain on the leaflet. After creating your leaflet, send us a copy by regular mail. We will offer you a small stand.

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