Drop Shipping – Terms & Conditions

The Distributor may sell the Manufacturer’s products on a Drop Shipping basis:

1. The Manufacturer will provide Distributor with an immediate discount off our P.S.P. (public sales prices).

2. All goods in our online shop qualify for the Drop-Ship program.

Order Procedure:

3. To place your drop shipping order, first register in our online shop at: http://www.copper-alembic.com/

4. After you have registered, contact us to info@al-ambiq.com to ask for your “Drop Shipping” account to be activated.

5. Once activated, orders can commence immediately through our on-line shop.

6. Distributors may select items and check out through our online shop in which “Billing Address” will always be considered as our Distributor and “Shipping Address” will be our Distributors Customer. When checking out please confirm that the conditions above are as stated.

7. Credit card or Bank Transfer payments are available for drop shipping, select payment to your choice.

8. The distributor will receive an e-mail notification of the order details where above commissions stated are duly deducted automatically.


Various options can take place at the time of order, (please see which option will apply to your case):

Distributor inside the E.U. boundary limits:

9. After Distributor confirms a valid VAT identification number of his or her company, Distributor will be granted an intra-communitarian position where VAT will not be charged by the Manufacturer.

10. Manufacturer in every sale will confirm that Distributors VAT identification number is valid and therefore exclude the charge of VAT.

Distributor’s Customer inside the E.U. boundary limits:

11. It will be the Distributors responsibility to receive the VAT from his customer and to have it sent to the Distributors legal governmental tax department in his or her country. (Distributor must confirm in his country value/percentage applied).

12. It will be Distributors responsibility to invoice each sale and to send it to the customer as Manufacturer will send out the order with no legal document accompanying.

13. Manufacturer will issue an invoice and receipt to the Distributor for each sale, (sent via email in PDF doc.).

Distributor’s Customer outside the E.U. boundary limits:

14. Manufacturer is obligated by Law to have a legal invoice accompanying orders.

15. At the time of shipment a Legal Proforma Invoice will be emitted from Manufacturer to Distributor’s Customer where value stated will be total amount of order made by Distributor on our on-line shop. Commissions granted to Distributor will not be shown to his or her Customer.

16. It is Distributor’s responsibility to state to his or her Customer that importing taxes may apply and that it will be Customers responsibility to have these paid for.

17. Manufacturer will issue an invoice and receipt to the Distributor for each sale, (sent via email in PDF doc.).

Distributor outside the E.U. boundary limits:

18. When activated “Drop Shipping” account in our on-line shop Distributor will notice that E.U. Taxes are not applied to sales.


19. Drop Shipping payments should be made before items are shipped to destination. Automatic if Distributor chooses secure gateway payment through credit card, or proof of wired transfer.


20. All packages are automatically shipped via FedEx International Priority/Economy Service, UPS or UPS Supply Chain Solutions for larger orders whichever the Manufacturer sees as convenient. Only physical addresses are accepted by FedEx or UPS, it is the Distributors responsibility to inform their customers. Distributor will be provided with a tracking number shortly before the merchandise is dispatched, FedEx or UPS email notifications will be sent to Distributor when the item is dispatched, upon delivery exceptions, and delivery.

Product Damage:

21. Distributor’s customer must contact Distributor within 3 (three) days after confirmation of delivery to inform of any damage to goods during transit. Distributor has an additional 2 (two) day period to inform Manufacturer in order to activate shipping insurance.

Order Cancellation::

22. Distributor may cancel an order within a 24 hour period following order placement. A 10% re-stocking fee will be applied payable by the Distributor in the lack of this information sent to the Manufacturer. It is not possible to cancel orders that have already been boxed and dispatched.

Client Management:

23. Manufacturer will not approach any of the Distributor’s clients in any form. It’s up to the distributor to keep his clients pleased.

Reserve Rights:

24. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes, including change in price, content, description, terms, etc. at any time without notice of this “Drop Shipping” program.

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